Stalwart Guild Crests


These sets of icons were developed for The Stalwart Order in Star Wars: The Old Republic and House Stalwart in World of Warcraft. The WoW guild had an iron cross logo for a while, but the SWTOR group didn’t have a distinguishing branding. As such my guild leader (Belghast) and I hatched a plan to create a new logo/emblem for the Star Wars guild.

We were both thinking along the lines of a shield crest, so that’s where I started. Then I tinkered with incorporating the Republic symbol phoenix wings around the crest. I ended up settling with just having them on one side. Then I worked in a classic griffon shape in the crest and began trying out several graphic styles to see which had the best feel. The final result was a clean crisp metallic bevel foreground with a gel-like effect for the background of the crest.

Because the Star Wars emblems came out so well, the guild leader asked if I was willing to give the WoW emblem a face lift. I combined the metallic feel of the Star Wars emblem with a satin feel of a WoW tabard and added an updated rendition of the iron cross.

Each set provides 5 slightly varied emblems to represent the different ranks of the groups as well as the guild colors—black, gold and green.


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