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In 2011 when I relocated for my new job, I had the opportunity to assist in the development of a brand new website for the West Ark Church of Christ. The previous website had been setup in 1995 and maintained by one of the elders through 2012 (and subsequently was in dire need of an update).

I met with the staff that was to be involved with the redesign, and together over the course of a year fleshed out what we wanted in the new site, determined the best way to go about meeting those goals, and designed a basic flow of information and features.

The website went live on April 29, 2012 and is being updated by the staff using the WordPress dashboard. We’ve had several instruction sessions to get the staff (at various levels of computer skill) trained on the system and generating content for the site.

As a part of the overall visual design of the website, I worked on developing a new logo for the church. It can be found above the menu bar on the website.



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